Kitchen Remodel

Downtown | Colorado Springs


Efficient Modern Kitchen

These homeowners needed a full gut remodel of their kitchen -- a tiny 8' x 9' space that would be open to the whole house. As graphic designers, they had a distinct style and vision for the space, and relied on Stabil to bring it to life in a way that fit with the integrity of their 100-year-old home. We demoed the entire kitchen, working with an architect to stabilize the roof beam. The clients wanted to use IKEA cabinets, so we assembled, customized them to fit the space and installed them, along with necessary trim work.  Countertops and shelving were custom made from maple and Stabil self-performed the woodwork.  We managed the electrical and tile sub-contractors to round out the work.


Service Summary

  • Full gut kitchen remodel
  • Custom counters and open shelving fabrication
  • General contractor for tile, electrical
  • Ikea cabinet installation and modification
  • Demo


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